Monday, November 12, 2012

Off the Rails Again

The last few weeks have been rough on the writing front. I got overwhelmed with some un-juicy, tediously stressful personal problems, and wound up taking an unscheduled hiatus from the TOB. I was still writing-- but all daydreamy worldbuilding stuff for, like, three novels from now. And I read three novels, after not reading any fiction at all for over a month, and got caught up on my Breaking Bad and Fringe episodes. Clearly, I needed an escape.

But now things are looking back up, and in the last day or two I've started feeling ready to drag myself back to the book. I'm not going to be able to work on it for more than an hour a day until after Thanksgiving, so that's going to be my goal. It's gone pretty cold in such a short time, so I think the first hour is going to be just sitting down with my copy of The Weekend Novelist Rewrites a Novel, to remind myself of what I'm doing. I'll report in tomorrow.