Monday, July 7, 2014

Three Years On

I meant to do a whole Three Year Retrospective thing on June 26, since that's the anniversary of the day I started work on TOB. I was in the thick of planning and packing for our vacation, though, and forgot about it. And frankly, I'm a little depressed by it. I so, SO wanted to be done by now, and a lot of the reason I'm not is my own lazy fault. I just turned 45 and I really want to FINISH something for once in my life, dammit!

So what do I do in response to this feeling? Avoid working on the book for two weeks, of course!

I'm back at it now. I finally bit the bullet and decided the troublesome bit had to be moved back into Act 2, so yesterday I opened the document and just did that, plus added a few more ripple-effect lines to a few more scenes. Today, I opened the document again and finished the scene I was stuck on. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to edit the next scene. Keep moving forward, and I'll get there eventually. Right?