Saturday, September 28, 2013


700 words.

Today I finished a scene that was a total "candy bar" scene for me: a fun, romantic little scene that I've had it in my head as clear as a DVD since early in the planning process.

Now I need to move on to its Bizarro World counterpart: a scene so hazy to me that I just outlined it in it the first draft, and the only scene for which I do not have a scene card. I swear I made one, but the writing gods took it to use as a bookmark or something.

I know this scene belongs here. I know what needs to happen. But it takes place in this weird space that's not a dream but not quite reality, and one character has to betray another in front of a cast of hundreds, and there's all this shifty political stuff going on just beneath the surface that I need to hint at for foreshadowing purposes. Every past attempt I've made at the dialogue has been laughably awful.

I can do this. I'm finally getting myself back on track. This scene will not derail me.

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