Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Call Me Streakbreaker

I broke my streak yesterday, and made only 300 words of progress for the day. *sigh* In my defense, I wrote closer to 600 words, but I've hit a section that was much wordier in the first draft than it needed to be, and so I've cut more than I've added.

Oh, well. Today I have less demands on my time. Although... we're having our house painted at the moment, and it is a little distracting to have guys hovering in the windows and blasting the radio.

I'm still in chapter 15, although I have mere sentences to go before I'm done with it. First order of business today is to go back and add a few lines to earlier chapters. I realized one of the antagonists is missing her symbolic object in the mid-point, simply because I forgot to mention it. And I'm about to pick up a thread from Akenam's backstory, but I've failed to drop enough hints and teasers about it, so the whole revelation's going to come out of left field if I don't fix that.

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  1. I think counting by words added to the count instead of words written is misleading. Cutting is often a more important part of the editorial process than adding. This sounds like a GOOD day.