Friday, October 31, 2014

'Twas the Night Before NaNo...

Okay, clearly I have to do something. My new work schedule has me thrown completely off my game, and I need some kind of kick up the backside to get me moving again.

There's no way I can 50,000 words this month--not even of editing. I'm hosting book club this Monday (which means cleaning the house all weekend). The Son's epic Jedi-themed birthday party is coming up this month. Not to mention Thanksgiving, which I also host. Oh, and I'm teaching an intensive SAT prep course the week of Thanksgiving, too. Plus continuing to, y'know, work and parent and stuff.

However, there are people far busier than I who manage to finish books.

One page of editing a day, folks. That's all I can manage for this particular challenge.

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