Monday, March 9, 2015

Still Trimming...

...but almost done. I only have "was" left to do, which will be a biggie. I did "-ly" today. It's not a matter of ruthlessly eliminating all adverbs and forms to "to be"; it's more about looking at every single one and deciding if that adverb is necessary, or if there's a stronger way to write the sentence than a "she was" construction.

Sunday I took a break from trimming and spent The Son's snowboarding lesson making notes about Act 3. I have a decent outline now, with 20 chunks of story to get through. Of those chunks:

*7 already exist from the last draft, and shouldn't need more work than cosmetic touch-ups

*7 already exist, but need more extensive reworking to fit in with the changes I want to make to the Act

*6 do not currently exist in any form and need to be written from scratch

So that's not TOO horrible.

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