Thursday, May 14, 2015

Slow, But Painful-- Part the Third

Good news: the Beta Project has yielded me another beta reader! I've had a few other offers, so it's looking like I have 4-5 generous readers willing to give feedback.

Bad news: to quote The Husband, it's been Slow But Painful lately. I blithely thought I would just fly through Act 4, but here we are at mid-month and I am still on the first chapter.

I was derailed for a few days this week by two tragedies that hit close to home, but I worked for 4 hours today and am almost where I should be in terms of hours. This first chapter is probably the longest of the whole Act. The first scene went smoothly, but the second just took forever. Now I'm halfway through the third. The chapter after this is just one scene that needs only light editing, so I'm hoping the pace picks up. I am nervous about finishing the edit, plus having time for a last read-through, by the end of the month.

But hey! I didn't stop. Go me.

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