Saturday, September 10, 2016

90%, Y'all

I am 90% done with the first draft of Mender!

The numbers at a third through the month:

I have written for 21 hours thus far in September.
I am halfway through chapter 29.
Mender is now less than a hundred words shy of 90,000 words.

I'm a quarter way through the action-y climax, which comprises four shortish scenes over three chapters.

Then I have the emotional climax, and some conclusion-y, set-up-book-2 bits, and then the draft will be DONE.

So I'm on target for my first two goals for September. I've done nothing yet for my third goal-- to send out 10 more queries for TOB-- and I completely failed at the fourth, which was to pitch TOB once more for #PitMad. I just completely forgot about #PitMad until 11:00 that night. Oops.

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