Monday, October 24, 2016

Revising Update

I think I've found my revising groove. There are three tasks to complete for each chapter:

1) Read chapter, make notes on the chapter.

2) Make those changes to the chapter in the MS.

3) Read the chapter out loud to smooth any awkward wording or cut-and-paste boo-boos.

It's kind of nice, because these three things are all pretty different, so I can pick whatever I'm most in the mood to do and make progress. So if I'm like, "Ugh, I don't feel like writing words today," I can just read and make notes on the next chapter.

So far I've made notes on the first 6 chapters, and made the changes to the first 3. I haven't done any of the reading-out-loud part yet.

The first chapter needed a lot of work, and will probably need a lot more smoothing in the read-through. But the subsequent chapters have gone much more quickly. So far, it looks like my first draft was pretty clean!

In the exercises I did before I began the revision, I identified one scene that will need to be cut and replaced with a new one, but that may wind up being the only new scene. We'll see once I get to the dreaded third quarter.

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