Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mid-Month Check-In

Let's make a pact. Next year, when I again announce big ambitious writing plans for the month of December, slap me. Then remind me that I say this every year, and it never works out. The period between mid-November and New Year's Eve is crazy for me, and I never accomplish great writing things during it. That's the whole reason I pushed to finish the draft of Mender before mid-November! I don't know why I never learn.

So, yeah. No way am I doing 60 hours of writing this month. I've done like 12. I have shipped TOB out to ten more agents, so halfway to that goal. And I'm halfway through a line edit reread of Mender. I tried to work on the YA series a little, but realized pretty quickly that it's not done marinating in my brain yet. I have another idea for an adult Sci-Fi stand-alone that is much closer to being ready to write, but I'm not feeling enthused to work on it just now.

So I am downshifting. Still planning to submit TOB to 10 more agents by December 31. Also planning to finish my line edit notes on my printout of Mender by then. January will be about pulling together all the pieces for the next draft of Mender. Depending on how much work it needs, I might be submitting to agents by February. We shall see!

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