Sunday, May 13, 2012

In Praise of Tardy Students

Happy Mother's Day to all the USians! I got a lovely necklace and took The Son to a birthday party. The Parent is in Italy, so I didn't get a chance to wish her a happy day.

I didn't get much downtime today (so, no writing time), but fortunately* my evening tutoring kid was wicked late to our session and I busted out my 500 words while waiting for him. I'm still waiting now, actually.

Tomorrow I should have a long writing day. The Son has school in the morning, and it's supposed to rain so I'll probably leave him there for lunch (we usually go to the playground with school friends if it's nice weather). Then my mother-in-law is taking him in the afternoon so I can tutor... supposedly. One of my Monday kids just finished up and the other can't meet tomorrow, so I actually have 2 hours reserved in one of the private study rooms in the library, and no students! I plan to make the most of those 2 hours.

So, the plan:

Drop The Son at school, return home and start work by 9:00.
Get my 500 words.
Then, spend an hour cleaning the house. I've been patient, but it doesn't look like the house sprites are coming to clean it for me.
Then, work on the phase outline for Part II with whatever time remains until I have to pick up The Son.
Pick up The Son, grocery shopping, home until MIL comes for him.
Hit library. See if I can finish phase outline. If I do, or if I hit a wall with it, work on TFiF exercise.

Squee! I'll let you know how it goes.

*fortunately for me, not him. He has a five-page research paper due tomorrow and is all kinds of screwed.

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