Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day o'May

Note to Self #1: Do not take an entire Unisom tablet unless you are prepared to be comatose for 13 hours.

Note to Self #2: Do not fritter away The Son's school time with the rationalization that you'll get your words after he goes to bed. Writing in the 7:30-9:00 time period sucks: the phone rings incessantly, The Husband bangs cabinet doors in the kitchen, The Son comes out of bed to impart vital information (such as, "When I shake my hair, it sounds like sand."), and you wind up feeling persecuted and grumpy. Why do you forget this so easily?

Note to Self #3: Don't go overboard buying books for your birthday. It's not a good sign that you've already bought one and your birthday is still three weeks away. Remember the stack of partially-read books you need to return to and finish.


Last day of the month! Let's check in with the goals I set on May 8 and see how I did:

1) write 500 words a day on TOB, continuing to move the story forward --DONE. I didn't miss a day!  I've written 12,000 words in the past 3 weeks. 
2) finish phase outline for Part 2 --DONE.
3) complete at least 5 more exercises from TFiF --Not done. I did one of them, and then just never got around to doing more. 
4) blog here every day, even if just a few lines to report progress --DONE. 

Not too shabby, all in all.


  1. OMG are we birthday twins!?! June 21! But I hoard books all year round.

    Congrats on the month! I'm really impressed--is it condescending to say proud?--that you stuck with it. That's HARD!

  2. No WAY! I'm June 22! Okay, we officially have some kind of freaky-weird connection. The birthday, both having a son, I grew up in the metro Boston area and now live in rural NH, and you did the opposite--right? And when I read your blog, there were so many moments when you posted "here's this weird thing I do", and I was like "OMG, I do the exact same thing."