Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Goals

Happy New Year!

Working on the completely unscientific theory that the activities you engage in on New Year's day are the ones that dominate your year, I've elected to spend the day writing, spending quality time with The Husband and Son, eating healthy foods, reading, cleaning the house, and going out to a tutoring gig. And, okay-- I played on the internet a little. I have this baby name addiction...

Anyway. Goals! JanNo kicks off today, and my goal is 16,000 for the month, which works out to 500 words a day plus 500 extra for today's kick-off challenge. Unlike last month, when I had to do 250 words every single day or make up the day's deficit, for January I'm going to have a "word bank" instead. All the day's words over 500 go into the bank. That way, if I have a crazy day and can't write, I can stay on goal without having to write 1,000 words the next day.

I'm still kind of babying myself. I'm sure I could edit more than 16,000 words in a month if I got all gung-ho Discipline Girl about it. But I'm wary of coming out of the 2013 gates too fast. 250 a day was working great-- the only thing wrong with it is that it's too slow. So this month I double it and see how that goes.

My other goal is to post here three times a week. I've always sucked at weekly anything, but maybe for the month I can do a Wednesday Word Count post.

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