Monday, December 31, 2012

December Reflections

Words today: 378

Total for January: 10,860

Word deficit: 0!

I surpassed my goal by more than 2,500 words. And I'm pleased with the words; it'll definitely need another "polishing" pass, but I wouldn't be completely mortified to have someone read it in the state it's in now. Workwise, I feel like I've found my groove; now I just need to keep my momentum going and take the fullest advantage of the next 10 weeks. New Year's to mid-March is a historically productive period for me.

The next few scenes are ones that gave me a lot of trouble in the first draft. I'm really curious to see how much my scene-building process helps straighten them out.

On the Terra Astra front, I'm still having episodes in which Ezra and Lark seize hold of my brain and force me to write out their dialogue. I now have the emotional arc of every "relationship" scene sketched out. I've discovered that  Lark is slightly older than Ezra, and that they met once before, as pre-teens. 

This is all just pure playtime; since I don't have an external plot for them at all, it doesn't feel like working on a second book. But if a brilliant plot hits me, watch out. These two are very insistent that their story be told. I just hope they can wait until after Eleven Names, which I intend to go back to WHEN (note the lack of  if with that when) I finish The Owl Bearer,  which will be sometime THIS YEAR.

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