Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Novel Update

I only wrote 100 words yesterday, but that was because I reached the end of a scene. Then I worked on the scene sheet for the next scene. This scene--  Willa and Tom's last conversation before she does the Big Thing That Changes Everything-- was pretty weak in the first draft. While writing the previous scene, I found myself setting up a completely new version of this scene: different setting, different tone. That means that none of the first draft version is usable (not even the dialogue), and that none of last summer's index cards are of any help. I think I got it nailed down, though, and wrote about 350 words today. Act I is coming in long, surprise surprise. Act I is always long for me.

In other news, I read chapter one out loud to myself the other day, and was stoked to hear that it sounds pretty good! Gives me hope that the next draft will be a quick line-editing pass.

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