Sunday, March 31, 2013

Character Clouds

I made Wordles for Willa and Akenam today, using their character profiles. It's pretty cool to see what words I used most for each.

Significant words for Willa (in no particular order): village, fire, truth, mother, father, bridger, Trio (her dog's name), winter, young, crown, always, fear, secrets, status, love, become, knows, intense, night, people, hair, honest, see, apprentice, white, orange, Akenam.

Significant words for Akenam: love, fear, secret, lama (his title has since been changed to kanyen, so pretend it says that), trying, group, right, dark, humor, capacity, loyalty, hiding, jester, choices, consequences, moral, truth, reveal, brown, Willa.

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