Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gut Punch Dialogue

I finished chapter 17, hurrah, hurrah.

The next two chapters are going to be dark and depressing, culminating with the all-is-lost moment and plot point two. Chapter 18 opens with a few paragraphs of Willa being like, well this sure sucks, followed by a shortish but intense confrontation with Akenam. This is kind of a new scene; I've always known this conflict between them needs to happen, but I wasn't sure where exactly in the story it needs to be or what exactly needs to be said. In the first draft they clash over the same stuff in at least two different scenes, and it kind of goes on and on. So the first order of business is to copy and paste all that dialogue into a separate file and whittle it down to the bone. It needs to be short but impactful (not a word, I know), like a punch to the gut.

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