Friday, November 1, 2013

New Month, New Goals

I didn't quite get all I wanted done in October. I wrote about 17,000 words, and did not finish Act II. But I've passed the three-quarters mark, which is a huge mental relief. In an ideal November, I would write 25,000 words and end the month with only the two climax scenes to revise, so I guess that's my goal! However, The Son's birthday, Thanksgiving, and the week-long intensive SAT prep course I'm teaching might all take a bite out of that goal.

I finished the first section of chapter 17 today. Now I've got maybe 4-5 paragraphs of exposition followed by a whole other brand-new scene. Willa has to confront someone who's done her wrong, but it's not a straightforward conflict, since he's still trying to win her over to his side. He's going to tempt her with her heart's desire, and in order for the temptation to be a genuine obstacle I have to really show how much easier and tidier it would be for her to accept his offer.

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