Sunday, February 2, 2014


Just taking care of some housekeeping stuff with the book before I dive into the line edit. Yesterday, I spellchecked. Today, I changed a few names. I had way too many characters with "A" names. First, there's Akenam, who is the only character whose name hasn't changed since the first word I wrote on this project. The name came to me out of nowhere and it's perfect for him. But then I also had minor characters named Arden, Aya, Avner, and Aidau, which is officially too many names beginning with A for one book. Only Arden got to keep her name.

Today I did some test print pages. I wrote the book in Courier 12-point double-spaced, which is submission format. But that turns out HUGE when you print it. It helps me to read it "fresh" in a new font, so I changed the font to Times New Roman (also acceptable for submission), and made it 1.5-spaced. That's totally readable, and knocked the page count from 597 to 364! More manageable, and cheaper to print.

Other than that I've been reading (both for book club and a beta read), cleaning my house, and trying to shake the feeling that there's something I'm supposed to be doing.

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