Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life Intervenes

I thought, when I originally made my third draft plan, that I should probably wait a few weeks after finishing the second draft before I got started-- y'know, get some distance, come at it with fresher eyes. But then, as always, the "waste" of time made me itchy-- I'm like eight months behind schedule here, people! No time for distance!

Well, life intervened in a major way this week, enforcing a break. The Husband had skin cancer surgery and of course there were beaucoup de complications, involving bad drug reactions, extra trips to the hospital, and a sleepless night for me; we had a big ice storm, rendering our Dante-esque driveway and walkway a serious threat to life and limb; and now I'm miserably sick with something that may turn out to be strep throat. All I have done this week (besides deal with the above) is watch the  Olympics, look at personal style blogs, and read comic books. The book is so far out of my head I can barely remember what happens in it.

I am not doing shit on it until I can swallow without agony and I've shoveled the house out from under the mountain of crap that has resulted from me not having time to clean for a week. So now I'm thinking NaNoEdMo? 50 hours of editing in March-- that could do it!


  1. I haven't commented in awhile, though I've been checking back in every few months or so. I'm sorry that you and your family have had difficulties lately, though in spite of it all it sounds like you have made HUGE progress on the novel! I can't get over how much more complicated the creation of a SF/fantasy book is compared to a contemporary one--all that world-building involved. Huge congratulations on finishing the second draft! Editing feels so much easier than writing from scratch (even though ultimately it may be just as much work), so I know the third draft will go a lot faster for you. Good luck!

    Kristin M.

  2. Thank you so much, Kristin! Every bit of encouragement helps. :)