Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back from Databaseville

I've been in a bit of a slump this last week. First I had to pull out the 250 trick. Then I took the weekend off for my birthday. Then fell off a cliff into agentland. I've been bookmarking websites of potential agents for years now, and I suddenly got a bug up my butt to create a database with all their contact info and requirements and whatnot. I got totally sucked into it and spent every waking, non-tutoring moment of the last two days working on it. As distractions go, it wasn't a total waste of time-- this would've needed to be done eventually-- but it was also definitely not staying on track. I think it also lit a fire under my ass to finish, though, 'cause I wrote for an hour today.

I know the problem-- it's this scene. I just plain ol' don't feel like making up any new shit right now. Plus, there's an important plot point I'd decided to move here, and now that I've written it I think I actually need to take it out and move it back to Act II-- not as far back as it was originally, but far back enough to have a ripple effect of a few lines needing to be added here and there. I'm going to sleep on it, and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

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