Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Ol' 250 Trick

Yesterday I took the day off and focused instead on catching up with everything else I was behind on. Today, I am still having a seriously acute attack of the I-don't-wannas, coupled with the there-are-so-many-other-things-I-need-to-dos, and a sprinkle of I'm-really-not-feeling-that-well-maybe-I'll-just-go-lie-downs. And we all know where THAT's heading. So I dusted off an old trick from me draftin' days: just write 250 words. That's it: 250 words of forward motion on the scene, and then I get to go on my merry way for the rest of the day, feeling good about myself for meeting my goal. If need be, repeat on day 2 with 300 words. Etc.

It doesn't get you anywhere fast, this trick. But it keeps you from stalling.

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