Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four Chapters Down

Only three more to go to finish up Act 3. They're shorter chapters, though-- pagewise, I'm 75% through the Act. And I'm already like halfway through the next chapter. PSA: when you write 3-4 hours a day instead of one hour, you get 3-4 times as much done. True story!

I've hit 25 hours for April so far. Yeah, yeah, I know there's only 9 days left in the month. I'll get there. Or not. But either way, I'll get closer if I don't ditch the 50-hour goal.

I'm also signing up for the Beta Project over at Absolute Write. You submit your entry (info about your story, info about what you're looking for in a beta, and the first 750 words) to the moderator (who must be a saint-- this thing sounds like a bitch to organize). The mod posts all the entries anonymously, then pm's you to let you know which two you've been assigned to critique. So every one gets two critiques of their sample. Meanwhile, everyone can look through all the entries and choose which ones they'd like to beta. With luck, I'll come out of it with a few writer-betas (who are useful in a different way from reader-betas, which I also need). In any case, it's a big external push to have this edit done by mid-May. Ish.

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