Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two Chapters Down

Five more to go to finish editing Act 3.

I need every teeny milestone I can get right now. I'm in a dark pit of yuck about the book again. Not so much about the actual book-- more about how long it's taking me to write it.  I am cringingly embarrassed to keep coming back here and posting that I'm not done yet. I have always had issues with finishing things; it's one of my least favorite of my character traits. Blogging about the book feels like a weekly exercise in self-loathing.

Gee, aren't I a ray of sunshine today? Really, I'll be fine. I am stamping the adage "the only way to finish things is by NOT STOPPING" on my forehead and moving on. The next two scenes I have to write are from scratch, which is bumming me out. Draft three and I still have to make new shit up?? Why didn't I just make up the right shit the first time?

I need to keep telling myself that right now is the worst of it. Once I'm past these two scenes, there is only one more from-scratch scene in the whole book. The rest of it all just straight-up editing, and will move faster than I'm moving now.

If I don't stop, the book will be done.


  1. You are overthinking this. Forward motion is motion. It's all relative. Head down and forward ho!

  2. You're right. I am feeling much today. I was just having the book-sads, I think.