Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A- for Diligence, C+ for Focus

4 days into August, and I'm at over 5 hours of writing work. However, I keep hopping from one thing to the next. By the end of the month, I want to have my query, synopsis, and a (for now) final edited copy of TOB.

Over the weekend I worked on the synopsis, using this intriguing one-page model. It's too flimsy for my needs, but helped me nail down the central story arc.

Then earlier in the week I got sidetracked into working on M (first book of the new series) using the same simplified synopsis model. I have a pretty good picture of what I want the first quarter of the book to be, with all the various story threads, but I was missing the skeleton of what happens in the rest of the book. Now I have that skeleton!

Then I started going through the in-text comments one of my beta readers made on TOB, fixing the (many) technical errors, and making notes about things to clarify. I got about halfway through the MS, and am going to try to finish it tomorrow. And then I'll probably move on to the query for a day or two.

With luck, all this hopscotching around will get me where I want to go!

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