Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where I'm At

I've got six more days until Pitch Wars.

I had a bunch of small things to fix or clarify based on beta reader feedback, and I've done most of that. I have a few more complicated things to address, but it's not vital that they be done by Sunday since all I need to submit by then is Chapter 1. I'll need all revisions done soon, though. Either I'll be accepted by a PW mentor and have to send my full MS, or I won't be chosen and will move on to cold querying.

I just finished the latest version of my query and posted it for feedback last night. So far it seems like this might be it. *insert muppet flail of joy* I need that for the PW submission, so phew.

In the process of writing this version of the query, I realized there's an aspect of Willa's motivation that I've not made explicit enough. Adding this will be complicated-- not in terms of needing to write lots of words, but in figuring out exactly where to weave a few words into the existing fabric of the story.

My synopsis is in a sorry state. I've got a very stripped-down one-page version nearly done. A synopsis isn't officially required for PW, but the rules warn that some mentors will ask you for one to help them make up their minds. So ideally I would have this done by Sunday.

Today is rainy and depressing, so I'm going to try to hit the library for a few hours, and then tomorrow my mother-in-law is taking The Son for a while so I can tutor, but I'll wind up with some extra time as well. My goals for these 4+ hours:


1) finish making all the relatively simple changes to the MS --got most of these done today; just a few more to do

2) figure out where I want to weave through the thread of Willa's additional motivation

3) finish the one-page synopsis template of the story's main arc --done!

4) if possible, complete two more one-page synopses of the two secondary arcs --got one of these done

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