Thursday, March 24, 2016

Slinking Back

Lord, I've been terrible with keeping up with the blog this year.

So I'm writing a new book! Mender. I should say some stuff about that.

Continuing to query The Owl Bearer. I should say some stuff about that, too.

But for today, I will return to blogging by participating in this "list" challenge. I think it's meant to go on instagram, or some other Mybook/Facespace nonsense I am too old and cranky to learn about. So I'm doing it here!

Week 1: Spring for me is...

1) Inevitable late-March/early-April snowstorms.

2) Dirt roads turned to mud.

3) Pails hanging on sugar maples, and smoke curling up from sugar shacks in backyards.

4) Crocuses pushing up through dead leaves.

5) Fawns left to nap in our ferns.

6) Easter egg hunts in the woods.

7) Waking up one day to a haze of green buds on all the trees.

8) College students sunbathing in bikinis on the green in 60-degree F weather.

9) Tulips in the window boxes in town.

10) Having to worry about bears.

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