Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Listify Life: Week 8

The Songs I Never Get Tired Of:

So, so many. I started scrolling through my iTunes and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer volume of songs I listen to over and over again. I have limited this list to the first 20 that occurred to me. Note that for some of these, I never get tired of the artist's entire body of work.

1) Take a Chance On Me-- ABBA
2) The Sounds of Science-- Beastie Boys
3) Qué Onda Quero-- Beck
4) A New England-- Billy Bragg
5) Everybody Wants You-- Billy Squire
6) Comfort Eagle-- Cake
7) Where Do the Children Play?-- Cat Stevens
8) Rock the Casbah-- the Clash
9) Rock n' Roll Suicide-- David Bowie
10) Wonderful Night-- Fatboy Slim
11) I'll Have to Dance With Cassie-- God Help the Girl
12) I Don't Want to Get Over You-- the Magnetic Fields
13) Good Intentions-- One AM Radio
14) Like Janis-- Rodriguez
15) My Old School-- Steely Dan
16) Mambo Sun-- T. Rex
17) Runnin' With the Devil-- Van Halen
18) Sweet Jane-- Velvet Underground
19) Baba O'Riley-- the Who
20) Out of Mind, Out of Sight-- Wilco

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