Sunday, July 10, 2016

Numbers and Threads

One-third of the way through the month!

The numbers so far:

I've written for 15 hours so far this month.
I just finished chapter 14.
Mender is now 51,350 words.

We're back from our two weeks on Cape Cod, and The Son starts a week-long afternoon cartooning camp this week. My plan is to drop him at camp and then write at the library that's practically next door.

I need to do a little thinking and planning this week. I've entered the wilds of Act 3 (or second-half-of-Act-2), which is always my confused-face part of a book. I've got most of the scenes worked out, but I have a few blank spots. I also have a lot of threads laid down, and need to make sure I don't drop any. So I think step one is to make a master list of all the threads that need to be woven through this quarter of the story.

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