Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another Checky Check

Two-thirds through August!

I've written for 40 hours in August thus far.
I'm still in the midst of chapter 21.
Mender is now just over 76,000 words.

I was on vacation this past week, and unsurprisingly didn't make much forward progress on the draft. I did manage to work on it for 20-30 minutes a day, but didn't have the focus to work on the second-half-of-chapter-21 scene I'd just outlined. Instead, I tackled my growing list of "change this" and "add that" items, and am happy to say I completed the most complicated one (I changed my mind about one character's parentage, which involved making tiny changes to many scenes) as well as many of the simple ones. Today I plowed ahead and got 800 or so words on the new scene, and left off in a good place to pick it up tomorrow.

School starts the last day of August, and between now and then I'm taking my nephew and niece for an overnight, bringing The Son to doctor and dentist appointments, doing back to school shopping, tutoring and keeping up with the admin portion of my job, having our entire roof replaced, and probably doing a day trip to the coast with The Son's bff's family. Somewhere in there I'm hoping to write at least one and preferably two hours a day, but I may find myself pulling a marathon on The Son's first day of school to make 60 hours.

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