Saturday, August 6, 2016

Top 11 Most-Read Authors

I've seen this on BookTube as "Top Ten Most Owned Authors", but what makes more sense for my reading habits is Top Ten Most Read Authors. Although I had a tie for 10th place, so in my case it's 11.

Judy Blume: 8
Naomi Novik: 8
Laura Ingalls Wilder: 9
Jacqueline Carey: 9
Caroline Lawrence: 9
Colin Cotterill: 13
Rick Riordan: 18
Sharon Shinn: 19
Ursula K. LeGuin: 19
Lois McMaster Bujold: 19
Beverly Cleary: 22

Fun Facts!
*There are only 2 male authors out of 11 on this list.
*My 3 favorite authors are tied for second place.
*I do not own a single book by 3 of these authors.
*5 are children's lit authors.
*6 are Sci Fi/Fantasy authors.
*1 is both.
*4 are authors I had never read before 2010.
*2 I haven't read anything by since 1985.


  1. I can't even with this one. Although it's exciting to find that feature on Goodreads, if I exclude comics (which you kind of have to, since volumes add up so fast), my top 10 include only 3 authors I really love, and mostly authors I not only haven't read in years, but many that I'm kind of embarrassed for having been so into. Like, Beverly Cleary is great, but Dean Koontz? REALLY, young-me?

    1. It's entirely possible I'm forgetting someone more embarrassing from my childhood. I read a crazy ton, but don't have great recall of most of what I read.