Monday, November 14, 2016

Revision: Step Ten

Step ten is beta readers! I'm sending the MS out today to those who are ready for it.

(To my betas: Apologies in advance for any missing words or other errors I introduced when I did the revisions. I just looked over the first few chapters (where I did the most revising, and ugh.)

Last time around this was terrifying, but now I'm more excited. I have lots of vague thoughts about what maybe needs to be stronger in the book, and I feel like getting beta perspectives is going to bring those thoughts into focus.

It'll be quiet here for a while, as my next two weeks are going to be insanely busy and I'm not planning on doing any writing. See you at the end of the month!


  1. I converted mine to Mobi so I can read it on my Kindle; let me know if you'd like me to send that to you, for yourself or anyone else on your beta team!