Thursday, January 12, 2012

JanNo, Day 12

11,399 / 30,000.

Snow day today. This is ridiculous: The Son has been to school two days in the last week, and hasn't been to karate since before Christmas (first the holidays... then the Dojo's heat was out... then we were all sick... and now a snowstorm).

I knew that I wouldn't get a long block of time to work today, so I experimented with writing just a hundred words at time. It actually works really well for when you just have little snippets of time, and it keeps your mind simmering on the story all day. So while it took me all day to write 1,000 words, they were pretty painless. I'm interested to see, when I re-read it later, if it makes the prose really jerky. Anyway, a hundred words is nothin'-- just from the beginning of this paragraph to the end of this sentence.

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