Sunday, January 15, 2012

JanNo, Day 15

13,455 / 30,000.

Yes, that would be eight words of progress for today. 

Sadly enough, I actually did a fair amount of work today for those eight words. See, about a week ago I had a big rambly infodump happen in the middle of a scene that was supposed to be a bit of introspective musing during boring travel. I realized I needed all the info, but not until a later chapter, so I cut and paste it onto its own page. Well, today I reached the point in the story where the info goes, and it's been a hard scene to write. Up until now, I've been very pleased with how the advance planning I did has affected the quality of my first-draft writing... but this scene is turning out more like I remember my first-draft writing to be like! It's unstructured, the dialogue sucks, and the necessary information is still presented in an incredibly awkward way, despite a long time cutting it and smoothing it and making it less infodump-y. It's the first scene that I've felt is going to need major work in the next draft. 

And when all was said and done, I'd actually lost 200 words. I grit my teeth and struggled on with the scene, determined to not end today behind where I was yesterday. Hence the +8 words.

Tomorrow is MLK day, so no school for The Son (I swear he has barely been to school in 2012), and I have an article deadline this week (I'm writing for the local paper now-- did I mention that? Pieces about preschooler ice skating programs, and other hard-hitting topics like that), plus work taking up three of my evenings, so it's going to be hard to recover from the word count hit this week. But I have the will. I think.

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