Monday, January 9, 2012

JanNo, Day 9

8,324 / 30,000.

I didn't write at all yesterday. I caught The Son's plague and was a puking, feverish mess until well into the night. Got my thousand for today, so I'm still on track. I've just burned my one sick day, though.

Sorry I've been so terse. I've been trying to keep a bunch of different balls in the air and haven't had time to chat. But I am loving working on the novel again. I changed the title again-- it's now The Owl Bearer --and a few characters' names, and significantly reworked one minor character in a way that I think will make the book much stronger.

I'm in an interesting point in the writing: Since I worked out my 6 big scenes (opening, plot point 1, mid-point, plot point 2, climax, closing) ahead of time, I had a strong sense of how the first two chapters would go, and then a very detailed vision of what plot point 1 would be. But the whole part in between was pretty fuzzy. Now I'm thick in the fuzzy part, where I'm discovering this part of the story as I write it. And that's fun. But I'm glad I have plot point 1 waiting for me in 12,000 words to keep me aiming at something.

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