Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like a Lion

Snow day, as predicted. We pretty much lazed around all day, and only ventured out for karate (The Son has his first belt test next week and I want him to get as much practice time as he can before that) and a quick stop at the co-op (made even quicker when I realized I'd left my wallet at home and had only seven scrounged dollars to spend, d'oh!). I got 1,005 words for the day, mostly in 50-to-100-word chunks at a time.

I'm predicting 2-3 more days before I hit the end of Act I. It's going to come in a little longer than I'd hoped, but what else is new.


  1. Your book sounds amazing and I'm all kinds of impressed at your self discipline!

    A major milestone birthday is approaching for me and I've decided that come hell or high water I'm going to finish the Romance/Suspense novel I started and then hung out to dry four or five years ago. I'm about 90 pages in--so about 50 pages completed since I started back in the first week of February. It started out as a murder mystery, so I'm really excited about the new direction it has taken.

    Your motivation is inspiring and I've really enjoyed reading about your approach to outlining and breaking the novel down into organized chunks. I'm definitely finding some hints that I can use.

    It is really hard to fit writing in around a job and a family. In my case, my sons are older and basically doing their own thing now, but home is still a big time suck.

    I look forward to hearing more about your progress!


  2. Thanks for commenting, Kristin! And congratulations on getting back to your project and making such great progress. Believe you me, I know all about hanging projects out to dry. It takes a lot of guts to dust one off and get right back into it.