Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Little Life

1,015 today. I got through the panic and the beat-down. The invitation and the scramble for power will be tomorrow's words. Then it's hurried marching orders, an action scene, and done with Act I.

And so far, I like what I'm getting. I don't anticipate a long slog of a second pass through these scenes before I move on to Act II.

Tomorrow is a bit of a question mark. I had a whole plan for the day, but now we're getting a snowstorm. I left my evening tutoring gig after the first hour because the backroads (there is no non-backroad route there) were already getting sketchy. I'm not sure if The Son's school will be canceled tomorrow, when the plow will come, if we'll be able to make it down the driveway at all, or what. Being stuck at home all day can go either way, writing-wise: if I'm liberal with the TV privileges and The Son gets embroiled in a Project, I could get a lot of time to work; if he's having a craves-constant-interaction kind of a day, I may have to wait until evening to get the words.

Work is picking up, after a very sluggish school year thus far. My after-school SAT tutoring slots are full, and I just got a call from the tutoring center I worked for during the '10 and '11 school years. I still technically work for them, but the branch office I was working out of is like the neglected stepchild of the organization, and is floundering in the economy. They can't fill their salaried employees, so hourly tutors like me aren't getting referrals. Until today. It's just one student, but every extra $50 a week helps. And it's during The Son's school hours, so I don't need to fuss with finding more childcare.

All this tutoring is going to cut into my writing time until the May SAT, but I'll just do my best to keep up. Fortunately, the boarding school where I do my evening gig is going on spring break this weekend, so I won't be working evenings for the next 3.5 weeks. When I'm away two nights a week, I feel like I really need to (and want to!) spend the other five hanging out with The Husband. But when I'm not working nights, I can take some evening hours to make up my word count without feeling like I'm cutting into important "us time".

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