Friday, June 1, 2012

June Goals

New month, new goals.

The 500 words per day has been going swimmingly, and with tutoring on hiatus for a while, I should have even more time to write. I'm sitting at 40,000 words right now. I'd like to have a rough draft of The Owl Bearer completed by the end of July, which is going to mean upping my word count. 

Goals for June:

1) 750 words per day, which works out to 22,500 for the month.

2) Post here at least three times a week. Posting every day was good for getting my head back into its writer place, but I'm sure it's tedious to read daily word count updates. I think three times a week is a better goal. I'm hosting a summer writing challenge on a message board I belong to, with a weekly check-in on Fridays and a "writer's quiz" on Mondays, so I'll aim for posting here Monday, Friday, and one other day each week.

3) Continue to work on living more healthfully and making my home cleaner and more organized; in addition to being positive changes in of themselves, I find that the writing benefits from my body and my space being cared for and in order.

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