Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reading Week

At my alma mater-- the tiny but fantastic woodland wonderland known as Bard College-- we had something called Reading Week. For the week before midterms, classes would be canceled so that students could devote themselves to studying-- which for most of us entailed catching up on mountains of reading. I've often wished that adult life included a Reading Week now and then, a temporary suspension of all responsibilities in the name of devoting oneself to the written word.

All this is just a pretentious way of saying I read a lot this week instead of working on the book.

I am almost through making my notes on the hard copy, and it's a little depressing. This Act needs way more work than I realized after the first read-through. I've enjoyed my Reading Week, but it's over after tomorrow. Now that I have Act I in the hands of an actual reader, I can't flake out. I'm making myself a week-by-week work plan, starting with 2 hours on Monday.

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