Friday, April 22, 2016

Goddamn Act Three

Or second-half-of-act-two, if you're a three-act structure purist.

I've been fiddling around with the plot structure for Mender for weeks now. I've had a lot going on (family member in the hospital-- not The Husband for once!), and have been off any kind of regular writing routine. But now I'm thinking that's not all bad-- it's forced me to slow down and try to get a better grip on the story. It's tricky because this is the first book in a quartet, so I have story arcs for this book plus a whole bunch of threads that won't come to fruition until book 4.

What I've been doing is plotting out each arc separately to help keep everything straight. And what I'm finding is that I can work all these arc out for the first half and last quarter of the book with no struggle... but the dang third quarter is a big ol' question mark. Why do I always have such problems with that portion of every story I try to tell??

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