Thursday, April 7, 2016

Listify Life: Week 3

Little Things That Make Me Happy:

1) Dogs. In my everyday, pet-owning life I am 100% Team Cat. But other people's cats are no fun. Other people's dogs, though, are the best. There's no happy like a happy dog's happy, and it's impossible for me to retain a bad mood after encountering it.

2) Watching my friend's two-year-old wave a lacrosse stick around and drop balls on his head in an attempt to imitate his seven-year-old brother.

3) The Son's Japanese Festival at school tonight. They've been doing a integrated unit on Japan for six weeks. 80 third-graders in kimonos playing xylophones and singing in Japanese, then presenting their research topics science fair style. The Son did his on Samurai.

4) The song "Runnin' With the Devil" by Van Halen. I was never a hair metal band kinda girl, but the song just makes me feel like I totally kick ass and everything's going to be AWESOME.

5) Buying books in an actual bookstore. I don't do this much any more, since I try to take as much as possible out of the library, and I order a lot from amazon because the bookstores in this area often don't have what I'm looking for, and yadda yadda. But there's nothing like wandering around in a real bookstore: finding what you're looking for, stumbling across something interesting, winding up with a pile of books to fret over and narrow down to a reasonable number, taking the just-purchased books out of the bag and admiring their brand-new perfectness. I love it all.

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