Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Reflections

We already know the bad news: I fell short of my goal, to the tune of 14,000 words. The first draft of TOB is still unfinished, and the revision process that I'm itching to begin must be placed on hold while I play catch-up.

Instead of dwelling on the bummer, let us celebrate the good news that July has brought:

1) After a convalescence worthy of a Victorian novel, I am finally over the virus/flu/plague thing I caught way back in early June.

2) I handled my stumbles much better than I normally do, and continued to make progress rather than giving up entirely when I saw that I was failing to meet my goal.

3) I really have been making the most of this summer, and am enjoying every bit of it.

4) 14,000 words is not that much. I can knock that off in two weeks if I apply a little will power, and then I'd be only half a month behind my original revision schedule.

Not too shabby, all in all.

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