Thursday, June 23, 2016

First Step Into (and Hopefully Out Of) the Weeds

It's been challenging this week. I'm up to 47.5 hours, but with The Son out of school it's been hard to find the time to write, and having less time has meant it's been harder to sink into the world of Mender and lose myself in the story.

I've been working on the dialogue for a scene and making very slow progress. This is the first time I've felt kind of stuck writing this book. Mary is in church, trying to work up the courage to ask a touchy question in the consilium (my alternate-New England's version of Christianity has a booth for getting spiritual advice rather than for confessing). I knew I wanted her to meet Leopold again (they met once as young adolescents) and have a conversation with him, and then have a second conversation with the Reverend in the consilium. I was really struggling with getting the tone right between Mary and Leopold, and then today I realized most of the dialogue I'd written for Mary and the Reverend actually belonged in her conversation with Leopold. I spent my snatches of writing time today retrofitting those lines to fit. But I feel like the scene's finally unfolding it as it should.

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