Monday, March 20, 2017

Plodding Along

I'm at 22 hours for the month so far.

The goal update:

1) Finish the revision. 

2) Spellcheck the MS.

3) Send it to my beta swap partner.

4) Work on my query.

5) Give feedback to ~30 queries posted on Absolute Write.  I'm at 22 queries and calling it good.

6) Submit my own query for feedback, and revise accordingly.  This could stand one more fiddle-- I think the last line could be punched up. But I'm laying it aside for now and will take another look in ~2 weeks when I start submitting.

7) Write a synopsis. UGH. I probably need two versions of this, since some agents want 1 page and some will give you up to 3. I took a look at the list of the first ten agents I plan to submit to, and the ones that want a synopsis all want 1-2 pages. So I decided working on the long synopsis wasn't the best use of my writing time right now. I have a full outline and it's 1/4 done, so if I suddenly needed it I could knock it off in a few hours. I finished the short synopsis and, as with the query, am letting it rest for now.

8) Make changes to Mender as needed based on beta swap partner feedback. In progress. I've printed out the latest draft and stapled the chapters together, and made notes on the first chapter. My plan is to make notes from the feedback on 1/3 of the book a day for the next three days, then evaluate where to go from there. I'm still hoping to be ready to start submitting by end of this month, but I don't want to skimp, particularly when it comes to fixing issues of representation.

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