Friday, March 10, 2017

March Goal Update

1) Finish the revision. I might be able to do this today-- the edits needed on the last 13% of the book are very light.

2) Spellcheck the MS.

3) Send it to my beta swap partner.

4) Work on my query. I have a draft of one, but I know it will need a lot of work. Queries are a bitch.

5) Give feedback to ~30 queries posted on Absolute Write. in progress. I've done about 12 so far.

6) Submit my own query for feedback, and revise accordingly. in progress. I just submitted the query today. I'll give it 2 days to accumulate responses, and then dive back into it.

7) Write a synopsis. UGH. I probably need two versions of this, since some agents want 1 page and some will give you up to 3.

8) Make changes to Mender as needed based on beta swap partner feedback.

I've worked for about 9 hours on the submission stuff so far, which puts me exactly on track for 30 hours for the month.

Things have been significantly less successful with part 2 of my goal. I did spent about 2.5 hours rereading the last draft of Eleven Names, but it was painful. To be honest, I am just not feeling the love for any project right now. And there is zero point to story building something you aren't super-psyched to work on. I'll see how I feel about it at the mid-month mark, but right now I'm thinking this "figure out what to write next" goal might have to wait for April.

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