Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Son of List-tastic

Another list of goals for the last ten days of March:

1) Read through my beta swap partner's in-text feedback and make notes on the printout of the MS.
In progress: I did the first third of the novel today

2) Make necessary changes to chapter 2 - the end.
I thought, based on comments on the first chapter, that there would be a ton of changes to make. Turns out that most her problems were with the opening scene; the other edits are very light. So I'm going to think of the edit in two chunks.

3) Edit chapter 1. Ruthlessly trim first scene. Chapter should get down to 5,000 words.
This will be the heavy edit.

4) Give feedback for 8 novel openings on Absolute Write.
I did 22 queries, so I'll get to 30 feedbacks by doing novel openings, in prep for step 5:

5) Post updated opening to forum for feedback. Edit again based on responses.

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