Friday, March 31, 2017

In Like Lamb, Out Like a Lion

This March has been nuts, weather wise. The first week of the month, we had super mild spring-like weather. Today we're getting a frakking blizzard.

Let's take a look at how I did with my macro and micro goals, shall we?

First the macro:

a) So. 30 hours on Mender. Did 40.

1) Finish the revision.

2) Spellcheck the MS.

3) Send it to my beta swap partner.

4) Work on my query. 

5) Give feedback to ~30 queries posted on Absolute Write. 

6) Submit my own query for feedback, and revise accordingly.

7) Write a synopsis.

8) Make changes to Mender as needed based on beta swap partner feedback. In progress. See micro goals.

b) 20 hours to figure out what I'm writing next  FAIL. I did maybe 3 hours, and didn't figure out jack. My head just wasn't in it.

I then split goal #8 above into a series of micro goals as follows:

1) Read through my beta swap partner's in-text feedback and make notes on the printout of the MS.

2) Make necessary changes to chapter 2 - the end.

3) Edit chapter 1. 

4) Give feedback for 8 novel openings on Absolute Write.

5) Post updated opening to forum for feedback. Edit again based on responses. In progress. This bit is killing me. I've worked on it for 8 hours so far and am not even kind of done. *sigh*

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