Wednesday, January 29, 2014


541 words today.

16,285 for January.

108,600 for the draft.

I'm tired and grouchy, and annoyed that anyone has the gall to expect anything of me this week beyond finishing the draft. I'm a joy to be around, really.

Tonight I was trying to explain to The Husband how I feel, and I said that it's like I've finally reached the end of an exhausting and frustrating day-long car journey, only to discover that the directions were wrong and my destination is actually another 30 minutes away. It's not that big a deal-- I know how to get there, and everything will fine once I do-- but I'm exhausted and starving and my ass hurts and night is falling, and I just want out of the damn car.

On the up side, I think some of what I'm writing this week might actually be awesome.

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