Friday, January 31, 2014

The Home Stretch

Man, I was SO wiped out last night. I was yawning my face off by 9:00, and barely made it to my bed. I feel a little silly being so dramatic-- after all, Joely finishes like three books a year and I don't recall her ever whining about it as much as I am-- but this whole week I have truly felt like I am in some kind of altered state.

Okay. So today is probably another 2K day. I have to tutor for one hour, and wrangle The Son for a few hours in the late afternoon, but other than that I have all day to write. First up, I need to finish climax 1:
a) back up and add a few lines of set-up to the previous chapter 10:52
b) write a few paragraphs of action leading up to the big dialogue exchange 11:41 --breaking for lunch now.
c) add attributives and beats to dialogue 3:45  975 words so far today.

Once that's done, I have one more shortish section to write.

Deep breath...

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  1. Ha, I do whine, but mostly to my sister. I *wish* I could finish 3 books a year! I'm hoping to this year. Hang in there - finishing a book can be an exhausting process, even while it's exhilarating too.