Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid-Month Report

Ha! Like I haven't been boring you with reports every damn day.

548 words today.

8,029 for January.

Assuming my estimations are correct (and I will cry fat tears if they are not), I am exactly on track to finish the draft by the end of the month. I am as stunned by this uncharacteristic bout of work ethic as anyone.

I passed 100K today, which makes me feel like a badass.


  1. HOORAY and congratulations! I'm blown away by your stamina.

    Does this mean I should set February aside for a reading month? (I'd say hint, hint, but I'm not hinting!)

  2. Probably more like March or April. I need to do a line edit first, check for continuity errors, and all that. Thank you so much for offering to beta read; I have a lot of confidence that you'll be able to help me make it a stronger book. :)